Tony and Mrs. K’s is named after Artemis and Hercules’ father and mother, Tony and Kostoula Vourakis. Tony immigrated to the United States from Greece in 1911 and returned with Kostoula in 1947 after they were married. This company is a tribute to the life and memory of Tony and Kostoula. Tony was a farmer and Kostoula was an extraordinary cook, baker, and seamstress.

To be true to their life and memory, we have chosen to base our menu and products from their example – making everything possible from scratch and using farm fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Our produce is always fresh and sourced locally from Fagundes Meats, Challenge Dairy, Den Dulk Poulty, and seasonal farmers’ markets. We try to make everything from scratch in order to bring you the best tasting, home cooked food, all the way down to the fresh roasted coffee, salad dressing, mayonnaise, pesto, salsa, country potatoes, soup, breads, croutons, and granola. And, if we can’t make it in house, we find the absolute best farmer or vendor to source that item.

As a further tribute to the life and memory of Tony & Mrs. K, we celebrate the lives and memories of the millions that, like them, immigrate to the United States to make a better life for their families – the true forebearers of the American Dream. They brought with them their different languages, cultures, and religions and proved that with hard work and sacrifice, a better life could be achieved while still retaining their principles and Old Country traditions.


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